We are a Global Evidence-Based Teaching-Learning Consultants in Science Education and ICT in Education. We are based in the United Kingdom.

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If you are visiting for the first time, we hope you find it useful. The Sci Ed Consult exists to meet the professional development needs of science educators for the 21st Century classrooms. Our work is underpinned by experience of good practice and evidence of quality of science lessons delivery that supports learning across the complete ability range for both girls and boys.

Technology in the 21st  Century classroom


To be a leading Evidence-Based Teaching-Learning Consultants in Science Education and ICT in Education


To provide quality training on designing and delivering a computer-plus-talk teaching sequences which supports science learning across the complete ability range for both girls and boys.


  • Our focus is to help build capacity of science educators for the 21st Century who are able to bring into their science classroom lessons modern IT tools to support pupils / students learning of abstract / complex ideas in science
  • We work with Public and Private Schools to train and carryout Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for science teachers
  • We also provide technical and expertise services to Ministry of Education, Curriculum developers and Instructional designers

About Us

We are Evidence-Based Research Consultants in Science Education and ICT in Education. We have a team of experienced science educators, researchers, curriculum developers and Instructional designers.

You can therefore be sure of getting professional services you need to provide quality science education for your schools. Our aim is to help improve the quality of science teaching and learning delivery across primary and secondary education sectors.

Our training programs are informed by our nominated 2019 UNESCO ICT in Education Prize Award book. https://lnkd.in/dMAQVHz

Key to our aim is addressing the gender disparity gap in science education by providing trainings in teaching approaches that supports both girls and boys learning.

Gender gap in STEM fields persists. macleans.ca

Our design intervention, training and implementation show that teachers are able to deliver science lessons which benefit every learner. It shows that it does not matter where the initial abilities were; they all progress to achieve higher grades.

Our Services

What We Do

  • We are Evidence-Based Research Consultants. We carry out research and help to design teaching sequences that address areas in science concepts learners find difficult to understand
  • We offer advisory consultancy on how best to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process
  • We train and help teachers integrate technology into their instruction
  • We carry out Needs Assessments, Evaluation of Education Initiatives and Training programmes, and Quality Assurance in all Education Sectors
  • We conduct quality development reviews. This works for Education Ministries and Schools that are aiming at fundamental growth from good to better or poor to better
  • We help to assess your Science Education Needs, develop action plans and implement them with both leadership and Instructional support. With this you can be sure of unprecedented improvement
  • We conduct Staff Professional Development. We have various staff development programs for science teachers. Our team helps your staff to become better through a series of Professional Development Programs

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